Soup To Go

Each week we offer a refrigerated, ready-to-heat soup for purchase by the pint or quart. Our soups are always plant-based, vegan friendly, & gluten-free.

Orders are taken through Friday of the week preceding, and soups are available for pickup the following Tuesday.

Quarts are $10, pints are $6, and come to you in a classic canning jar that you can keep or return.

Use the form below to order. We’ll send you a confirmation email so you know we got your order. Pay when you pick up or pre-pay online with Paypal.

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Here’s what’s coming in October. (Dates in bold are Tuesday pick-up dates.)

10/01 Vegetable Chowder. A harvest-bowl of veggies with potatoes in a rich and creamy herb broth. Order by Friday, 9/27

10/08 West African Peanut. Smooth and zippy with sweet potatoes, tomatoes, fresh ginger and peanuts. Order by Friday, 10/4.

10/15 Spanish Chickpea w/Tomatoes & Greens. Bright with tomatoes, smoky with paprika, and all the pretty greens. Order by Friday, 10/11.

 10/22 Thai Red Curry. Lots of sweet heat from Thai chilis and sweet potatoes blended smooth with coconut milk, luscious on its own or as a vegetable and rice bowl topper. Order by Friday, 10/18

 10/29 Chipotle Black Bean. You know it’s truly fall when this soup returns. Loads of veggies in a smoky, spicy, chili-based broth. Order by Friday, 10/25

* * *

 Be sure to pick up your order no later than close of business on Thursday. Any unclaimed soup is released into the wild on Friday, first-come, first-served. Also, please understand that if you order soup and don’t pick it up, we will require payment in advance on any future orders you might make. Not to be harsh, but seriously. Don’t be that person.

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