Pay What You Can

Pay-what-you-can was introduced to our community by the cafe’s original owners, Wendy Wilson and Matt Ruthenberg of Vegetable Land. When Common Ground took over in January 2017, we felt the policy was integral to the business, and chose to continue it.

We’re now in our third year of operation, and we’ve come to appreciate the benefits as well as the drawbacks of pay-what-you-can. We like the quietly subversive nature of gathering people for a meal in a place where income doesn’t determine who gets a seat at the table. But we know that asking you to decide what your meal is worth can create discomfort, especially when it’s your first visit.

So we tell everyone who comes to Common Ground that most of our guests pay between $5 and $10 for their lunch, that a minimum payment of $7 helps keep the lights on, that we appreciate it when you can pay more and we understand how it is when you need to pay less.

If you would like to contribute to our pay-it-forward fund to help cover the cost of a meal for someone else, you can visit our Paypal account and leave a donation in any amount.

Thank you for your support.