Lasagna to Go

We make a remarkable lasagna at Common Ground.

It’s hearty and satisfying, like any good lasagna. It’s got all the familiar flavors, textures, and savory goodness you want from this most comforting of comfort foods.

It’s entirely plant-based, so it’s made without cheese. And — surprise! — it’s made without tofu, something that shows up a lot in plant-based lasagna. Just not in ours.

Most surprising of all, it’s made without the noodle.

What? No noodles?

No noodles! Just all the vegetable goodness of zucchini, eggplant, shredded carrots, mushrooms, spinach, and our house-made almond ricotta, layered in a herb-and-garlic infused tomato sauce.

It’s hearty without weighing you down. It’s gluten-free without tasting like something important is missing. It hits all the points on the lasagna-satisfaction scale.

We call it our No-Pasta Lasagna (aren’t we clever?) and we’re thinking about making it for your freezer.

Well, okay, we’ve made some already. A few portions. A trial batch, so we can see if you agree that getting a frozen entree from us to have on hand when the need arises is a good idea.

We think it’s a good idea. But we’re sort of biased.

One reason we’re biased is that this lasagna is more than just lasagna. It’s a crostini-topper, a quinoa-topper, a pizza topper. It’s even a pasta topper if you want to go there. Have it on a toasty roll and call it a sandwich. It’s so versatile.

Or you can thaw it, heat it, and just enjoy it on a plate like the civilized person you are.

We’re rolling out the trial batch this week. If it goes over well, we’ll add it to our repertoire and make it on the regular.

Do you think you’d enjoy getting freezer entrees from us? Let us know in the comments!