So Long & Thanks for All the Fish

Dear Friends,

One of the pitfalls of running what is essentially a one-person show is that when that one person moves on the show comes to a close.

After three years of running Common Ground Kitchen, your friendly chef (that’s me) is moving on.

I’ve accepted a new gig, one that involves bringing musicians and artists into a beautiful new community venue in Newburgh. Those of you who know my work prior to Common Ground will understand why this feels like a job custom made for me.

Even so, the transition is bittersweet.

Each and every one of you has helped make this kitchen a go-to spot for plant-based lunches in Evansville. Together we’ve created something unique. And while the closing of the Kitchen will mean the loss of that unique space, options for plant-based dining in our area continue to improve. It’s my hope that the success of Common Ground will encourage other aspiring café owners to open their own doors.

Our last lunch will be served Friday, December 13, so we’ll have two more weekly menus coming your way. I hope you’ll be able to join us at least once more before we say goodbye.

If you have questions about the future use of the Zion kitchen, please direct them to Pastor Elizabeth at

Thank you so much for being part of the Common Ground community, and for allowing me the pleasure of your company.

And remember to love people, and feed them good food.

All the best, Peggy

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