What that “Sold Out” Sign Really Means

chalk signIf you’ve ever pulled into our parking lot and – dang it – there’s our “Sold Out!” sign, take heart. Here’s why that happens, and what you can do to make sure there’s a lunch for you even when that Sold Out sign is out.

First, the why: As you know, we’re a fresh-made, low-waste kitchen. That means we prepare each day’s lunch from scratch, with the intention of selling every portion we make. Most days we prepare for 30 customers, and most days we come close to selling that amount.

Sometimes people are surprised to arrive at noon and discover we have no more lunches available. Did we serve it all in 30 minutes? Maybe!

But it’s more likely that we’ve had lots of pre-orders — people calling before we open to reserve a meal for eat-in or to-go. Lots of reserves means fewer meals available for walk-ins.

So… if you want to be assured of a meal, pre-order.

Just make sure to do it before we open, and preferably by 11 a.m. You can reserve days in advance – and people do! But once we’re open, it’s first-come, first-served.

Also – and this is important, too – please send your order as a text if you can. Answering the phone in real time is difficult for your chef, and the closer it gets to 11:30, the crazier it gets in that kitchen. We’re not purposely ignoring your call. Chances are we didn’t even hear the phone ring over the voices in our head telling us to we need to get the truffles made and the salad greens dried and the silverware wrapped so we can greet you with a smile when you come in.

We hate to disappoint, and we can’t always prevent it, but we hope this will keep disappointment to a minimum. Thank you for your understanding and your (awesome!) support!

Pre-order your lunch by 11 a.m. by texting to 812-204-1182.