What’s in My CSA Box Week 16

Common Ground has teamed up with Turning Point Farm this season to help CSA members find interesting ways to enjoy their shares. Even if you’re not a CSA member, we think you’ll find lots of useful information in these posts about seasonal veggies you’re likely to encounter at farmers markets and in stores. Let us know what you think!

Kale & cucumbers, chard and summer squash, radishes, green beans, tomatoes and potatoes. Welcome to Week 16!

It’s September. Summer heat persists, as do summer tomatoes and squashes. Have you put them together in interesting ways this season? Now’s the time.

Today at the cafe we served zucchini ribbons. I use a vegetable peeler to shave piles and piles of zucchini into long strips. Then I cooked it one big handful at a time in a hot cast iron skillet. You can figure one or two zucchini per serving, depending on how big they are and what you’re serving with it and if its the main attraction or a side show. As always, your mileage may vary.

I like to batch cook the ribbons so they don’t over-steam in the skillet. High heat, a drizzle of oil, some salt and pepper. No need to overthink it. It takes just a couple minutes to chase the rawness away and get some golden color going. That’s all you need.

This NY Times article describes the technique. It’s simple. You’ll love it.

zucchini ribbons

You can throw some chopped tomatoes into the pan after you take the zucchini out, cook them over similarly high heat, then spoon the lightly seared tomatoes over your zucchini ribbons, add some feta or fresh-grated Parmesan or whatever fresh herbs you have on hand, and you’ve got the perfect back-porch meal.

We haven’t talked a whole lot about kale this season, and if you’re a green smoothie kind of person, this week’s kale is for you — those young, tender leaves are full of deep green vitality. Which you already know. Blend away.

For the rest of us, it’s sometimes hard to come up with something interesting to do with kale. Some people swear by kale salads, but I find raw kale unappetizing, even when it’s been “massaged” with oil. Have you tried that? Maybe your results surpassed my own. I was not impressed.

Personally, I like kale chopped and lightly salted and cooked for about five minutes in a skillet. Once its done I can find all kinds of good things to do with it. I especially like it in a grilled sandwich, with Thousand Island dressing, a layer of kraut and some sliced pears. It’s a hip sort of Reuben. Astonishingly good.

It’s also nice added to a grilled cheese sandwich.


Get the recipe here and go make it. Then pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy what remains of Summer 2018.

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