What’s in My CSA Box Week 4

Common Ground has teamed up with Turning Point Farm to help CSA members find interesting ways to enjoy their shares this season. And even if you’re not a member, these posts feature seasonal veggies you’re likely to encounter at farmers markets and in stores. Check them out!

Radicchio, chard, kohlrabi, turnips, onions, leaf lettuce, it’s the bounty of late spring spilling forth from this week’s Turning Point CSA box. Let’s put it to good use, shall we?

We are in love with the radicchio. It’s great added to salads for a peppery bite, of course, and it roasts up sweet and tender, but, hello, it’s summer. Who’s roasting?

Let’s try putting it on a pizza.


Inspired, right? The radicchio is tossed with an olive-oil/black olive marinade, which mellows the spicy bitterness, while still leaving enough bite to counter the sweet apple slices.

To make this recipe a little simpler, use store-bought flatbread. To keep your house cool, cook it on the grill. The Kitchn has a step-by-step tutorial for pizza on the grill here.

And Elise Bauer at Simply Recipes has a nice take on a grilled radicchio salad.  Minutes to prepare, minutes to char.


It’s a pretty accompaniment to your grilled menu. Or, hey, just pile it onto flatbread and call it good.

Okay, then. Let’s have a look at that kohlrabi.


It’s a classic CSA box puzzler. Have you ever bought one from the market? Points for you! For the rest of us, let’s let Martha help us out. Martha says it makes a great slaw.


(Bonus for this recipe: it also uses turnips!)

A relative of cabbage and broccoli, kohlrabi is surprisingly versatile. Wander over to Epicurious for a great rundown on how to prepare and enjoy what is no doubt the most unfamiliar vegetable in your box this week.

Let us know what you come up with!

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