On Holiday

kettles 2The kitchen is on holiday. The ovens are off, the pots are shelved. Plans are being made for the new year. Next week, in other words, and the weeks after.

Is it winter where you are? We have a little snow here and there, not much, just granular white bits on the edges of rooftops, along the sides of the roads.

We are closing out our first year of serving lunches as Common Ground Kitchen. We managed to do a lot this year. We served more than 3600 of plates of food. What? Lots of it local, much of organic, all of it vegan, fresh, made-from-scratch.

We had a birthday party for Woody Guthrie. We hosted an open house party, with a live band and a tasty buffet. We prepared lunches and dinners for church groups and special events.

We made tacos and truffles and big Buddha bowls. We pickled vegetables and baked apple tarts. We served pot pies and pita pizzas and roasted pounds upon pounds of gorgeous local peppers.

Let’s do it again, shall we?

Happy celebrations to you all. We’ll see you in 2018.

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