Holiday Potluck

everybody eats

Years ago I stumbled upon a Community Food Systems graphic poster that provided a colorful visual representation of how a local food system actually works.

It was put together by Yes! Magazine, one of my favorite go-to resources when I’m feeling a bit, shall we say, dismayed by the overall State of Things.

The poster provided a graphic explanation of the multiple points within the local food system network where small things happen, supporting other small things, connecting to larger things, regional things, but never getting too far away from the core component: small farms working with closed-loop natural cycles to reduce waste and serve their local communities.

One crucial part of the poster is sometimes forgotten when people talk food policy: the table where we sit. The food on the table. The contributions made by all.

I’d like to think that table can be as big as the community we’re in. In other words, local production and distribution are important points to work through, but sitting down for a meal with others at a community gathering is where we put our ideas of community and sharing and exchange and goodwill to the test.

So we’re inviting you to a Big Meal.

It’s our Holiday Potluck, hosted by the Organic Produce Club here at Zion, and Common Ground Community Kitchen.

We’ll throw our brightest holiday tablecloth over one of our lovely long tables and you can add your contribution to the feast. Doesn’t have to be vegan, or even vegetarian. Just make something you’d like to share, and bring it to the dining hall on Tuesday, December 19th.

We’ll get things going about 5:30, plates and linens and flatware provided, along with hot and iced tea.

Here’s another article from Yes! on the power of potlucks.

Watch our Facebook page for an event posting, mark your calendar, and save the date. We’ll see you on the 19th!

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