Carrot Ribbons

carrot ribbons

Our customers love these. We love these.

Want to make them? You’ll need a skillet, a vegetable peeler and some carrots. At least a pound if you’re cooking for two. More is better. 

Peel those carrots down their length so you get nice long ribbons. Peel them down to nubs. Save the nubs in a freezer bag for making soup stock. Nothing wasted, right?

Once you’ve finished peeling, the hard part’s over. Now heat a tablespoon or two of olive oil in a large skillet and add all those ribbons along with a pinch of salt. Just pile them in there. Increase the heat to medium-high.

Now leave them alone.

Extended contact with the surface of a hot skillet is what caramelizes the ribbons, brings the natural sugars to the surface, creating the sweetness that makes these carrots so divine. So other than watching the heat make sure they don’t burn, just let them be.

To keep yourself from fiddling with them too much, you can take this time to grate a chunk of ginger and add it to the carrots. It’s a nice touch. No worries if you don’t have any, though. The carrots will still shine.

After five minutes or so, go ahead and toss the ribbons so that the ones on top can make their way to the bottom. This will also mix the ginger in, if you’re using it. No need to overthink this, just re-arrange things a bit, then leave them alone again.

Leaving them alone is the second hardest part.

Will you ruin your ribbons if you mess with them too much? No, you will not. You’ll slow down the caramelization, that’s all. You cannot ruin these carrots unless you burn them. Which would be tragic.

The closer they get to done, the more you can stir them around. When you can wind one around your fork like a strand of perfectly-cooked fettuccine, they’re ready. Sample it to be sure. Add more salt if you need to, maybe some ground black pepper. Try not to eat them all right from the skillet.

Notice they’ve reduced a considerable amount in volume. Aren’t you glad you peeled as many as you did?

Carrot ribbons make a great base for a plate of roasted veggies or sauteed mushrooms. You can use them to top a veggie burger or add them to a rice bowl. Super versatile, fancy enough for company, simple enough to make on a weeknight. You’re welcome.


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