The Thanksgiving Reader


This year I’m grateful for the fact that, as most other holidays have been shifted to Mondays in order to better accommodate commerce and the work week, Thanksgiving remains stubbornly adhered to the fourth Thursday of November (after starting in October, then shifting to a set date for a few years, then to the last Thursday of November, which isn’t always the fourth Thursday, as we all know. I’m glad they got that settled.)

An annual holiday that falls each year on a Thursday is gently disruptive, which is probably why I like it. There’s something about that quietly insistent mid-week interruption that complements the general theme of gratitude and gathering. It nudges us out of our daily routine for all the best reasons, and we stumble through the week with food on our mind. Yes.

Seth Godin, author and blogger and TED talker and overall enthusiast of life, has created a lovely Thanksgiving gift for us, 17 pages of readings to be shared around the table, or wherever you might find yourself this Thanksgiving. They include the words of Tecumseh, Mary Oliver, Thich Naht Hanh, and more than a dozen others, reminding us of why we come together and what we’re here for.

“After all the travel and the cooking and the hassle, for these few minutes,perhaps we can all breathe the same air and think hard about what we’re thankful for.”

Seth Goden

Here is a link to the Thanksgiving Reader page.  And here’s a link that will take you directly to the pdf.

Print it out, share it, read it together with others, read it as a meditation on your own. I hope you have a lovely holiday.

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