Good Food Daily

My friend Kayla came to the Kitchen for lunch this week. I set her plate in front of her — red and gold potatoes, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, carrot spears, crimson peppers and sweet onions, all roasted and gorgeous and piled atop a swirl of luscious bright green chimichurri sauce. She dipped a pinkie into the sauce and gave it a taste.

“I would love to know how to do this,” she said. “Where do you even start?”

It’s such a good question. Where do you start?

market veggies in wooden bowl 1

My favorite place to start is with what’s in season. If you’ve eaten here you know we focus on seasonal fruits and vegetables to complement our pantry standards of beans and whole grains. Produce in season is a beautiful thing.

Fresh fruits and veggies inspire us. They feed our creative spirit. And they send us searching for ways to serve them that will feed yours, too.

We page through cookbooks and browse the internet. We watch Youtube videos. We ask our friends. We experiment. In short, we do what you might do, if you were so inclined.


Like you, we pay attention to quality. And like you, we watch our budget. It’s important that our food is not only satisfying and healthy and fresh, but also affordable.

It may surprise you to know we shop where you shop: at the supermarket, at farmers markets and farm stands, and at our local independent groceries and markets. We also make use of our in-house organic buying club, which delivers fresh organic produce weekly. (You can buy your produce through the club, too, if you like. There’s no member fee.  Just come in on a Tuesday morning and talk to Missie. She’ll answer all your questions.)

tomatoes 2

All of which is to say, our ingredients are no different than what you might buy for yourself. There is pretty much nothing we do in our kitchen that you can’t do in yours.

Except maybe bake twelve pies at once. You probably can’t swing that.

Mmm. Pie.

Getting started, tho. That can be hard.

Let’s make it a little less hard.

We’ll be posting here regularly with our best ideas for helping you get a little more plant-based love in your life. If you use Feedly or some other blog subscription service, this would be a great time to add us. If you want our posts in your inbox, you can make that happen, too. Just use the Follow link in the sidebar.

We also send out a monthly newsletter with more tips and recipes for our email subscribers, as well as a weekly menu post. Get on the list here.

And come for lunch. Even if you don’t feel like cooking, we want you to be inspired by good food.

We’ll see you at the Kitchen.

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